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6 min readMay 31, 2022

Episode 86, May 27, 2022

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Welcome to episode 86 of the newsletter! Happy Friday to you! This fact also means a new edition of the Fresh Sounds Podcast is hot out of the oven for you. Yes, Mark and Brendan are back with their usual five eclectic songs; four new and one from the dusty shelves of the Fresh Sounds Music Archive. Our playlists are back, too, so look for the big link button below!

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Now, on to the music!
Obongjayar, Nubya Garcia
“Wrong For It”
Some Nights I Dream of Doors
Released on May 13, 2022
September Recordings Ltd.
Calabar, Nigeria and London, England, UK

We start in London with a great duet between Nigeria’s Obongjayar and the immensely talented Nubya Garcia, best known for her excellent jazz saxaphone. Obongjayar’s new album is one to watch, he was originally discovered by XL Recordings executive Richard Russell and he contributed to the Everything is Recording project, which included Sampha. Obongjayar’s vocals and jazzy, genre-defying instrumentation all add up to a great new album and a terrific new song, this is “Wrong For It.” -MB

“Cherry” (single)
Released on May 23, 2022
Jiaolong Records (self-released)
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian musician Dan Snaith is mostly know for his Caibou records, but here on Fresh Sounds, as a dance music fan, it is his Daphni alias that grabs me most often. This particular track is wedded to the four-four sounds of pure, clean…

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