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6 min readJun 20, 2022

Episode 89, June 17, 2022

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Welcome to episode 89 of the newsletter! Happy Friday to you! It’s getting close to the official start to summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, so Mark and Brendan are back with some eclectic indie music, with four new songs and one oldie from the dusty shelves of the Fresh Sounds Music Archive. Our playlists are back, too, so look for the big link button below!

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Now, on to the music!
Grace Ives
“Lazy Day”
Janky Star
Released on June 10, 2022
UMG Recordings, Inc./True Panther Records, LLC
New York, New York

This week we begin in New York City, with an album track by Grace Ives, a young singer and synth sculptor who got a Best New Music badge from Pitchfork for this record. It’s entitled “Lazy Day,” and Ms. Ives does her best to make it sound smooth and relaxing, but anxieties do peek around the curtain here, too. And few of her songs last more than three minutes or so. It’s not mainstream pop, but it’s friendly and much better than lo-fi keyboard stuff. -BH

Greentea Peng
“Stuck In The Middle” (single)
Released on June 10, 2022
AMF Records/EMI Release/Universal Music Operations Limited
London, England, UK

We’re off to London for another great single from Greentea Peng. She’s teamed up with two top flight producers: SWINDLE and MJ Cole. Greentea strikes a perfect balance between chill jazz with deep reggae rhythms and more than a few R&B, soul, funk and hip hop woven…

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